Blogging….Cheap Therapy or a cry for help?….How About just an intro

I have spent three days trying to figure out how to start a blog that probably no one but me will read.  I’ll start with why I started it.  I needed an creative outlet, and a place to let it all out. My life is very hectic and there is much in my head that I am constantly trying to reconcile. I am a working mother of four with a husband who is currently out on medical leave for a newly discovered (and currently undiagnosed) neurological disorder. This lovely curve ball causes random bouts of memory loss and a bevy of physiological symptoms.  Every day I listen to the podcasts SMODcast and it’s variety of companion podcasts under the same umbrella, and the Nerdist, while I work as a bookkeeper with my mother in our own little business and my stepdad in his framing business.  Both podcasts blossomed from people being in a place mentally they wanted to get out of and finding something they loved.  They encourage others to dive into the creative world and just put it out there. So this is my venture to find the thing I love and do something with it.

I titled my blog Real Bad Mommy because at times one may read posts on here and think one or all of those three words apply to me.  Motherhood is the hardest most fun thing one can do with their life.  It is not always easy to know what is the right choice, and frankly in the end, no one can know for sure if they did it right until it is all over. Kind of like life.  So, you go with your gut and your heart, and you stick to the basics, no criminal activity, no abuse, keep them away from sharp objects and hipsters, and lead with love. 

My friend Joe hosts a podcast called On the Radar.  He was the one who guided me to this site. I originally asked about doing a podcast in lieu of a blog, but he suggested I do both.  So here I am starting the blog.  If I can figure out how to accomplish the podcast I will. For now this is what you get kids……



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